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Locus Charter Provides an Ethical Foundation for Your Use of Location Data

EthicalGEO and The Benchmark Initiative announced the Locus Charter for the ethical and responsible use of spatial data in February 2021. By July 2021 initial signatories of the Charter represented its high-level international support, including the American Geographical Society, Association for Geographic Information (UK), Environmental Information Systems Africa, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography…

I Am Geography

The summer before my junior year at Wayne State University in Detroit, I rolled my 1959 VW bug while going 60mph on a camping trip near Traverse City, Michigan. The gods must be crazy, because I survived, and the VW survived. But I took it as a sign, and I sold the VW with the…

GIS Management Consulting Services Value Proposition

GIS Management Consulting Services provides value to our customers by helping them improve the quality and effectiveness of their GIS management.
For a local or regional government agency, GIS is a big investment with ongoing costs for operation, maintenance, and business applications. The quality and effectiveness of GIS management and the maturity of GIS operations can impact the overall benefit to the agency.
The GIS Management Consulting Services (GMC) Value Proposition is that for small improvements in management or operational practices, the effectiveness and ROI of a GIS operation can be increased significantly. GMC seeks to:
• Help GIS managers or GIS management teams assess their overall competencies and plan for continual improvement
• Help GIS stakeholders understand the suitability of their GIS to meet the business needs
• Identify bottlenecks in GIS operations and recommend corrective actions
• Identify deficiencies and/or risk factors in a GIS infrastructure and recommend improvements and risk mitigation actions
• Identify future trends in the GIS industry, analyze their applicability for a client GIS operation, and recommend a strategy to maximize effectiveness and ROI for a given level of investment.
• Advise clients on GIS funding options when this is an issue, to ensure financial support tied to ROI.
• Provide training to clients via a wide portfolio of workshops

GIS Management Academy

The GIS Management Academy will help achieve the mission of GISMCS, by bringing focused training to new, experienced, and prospective GIS managers. GIS Management Academy courses will be delivered online, allowing students the convenience of integrating training into their schedule. Course will be limited in the number of attendees, to permit ample interaction and class discussion. Read more about the GIS Management Academy approach.

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